What I’m up to

I work full-time for a pipeline company which transports and stores oil across the United States. In this role, I’m responsible for our internal and external communications.

When I’m not working, I still keep myself pretty busy. I’m an avid volunteer and currently am working on the Komen Tulsa board, PRSA Tulsa board, co-chair of accreditation for the PRSA Tulsa chapter, and more. I also freelance for several companies around the country. If you need assistance with developing a strategic marketing program for your organization, give me a shout.


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  1. Kristen,

    My company developed software  to measure delta between Customer expectations and Customer Experience with specific products and brands on a 2 point scale between Unacceptable=0 to Delightful=2.

    The Opinion Miner software uses comments and reviews published online by the customers on Social Media sites, transcripts of customer calls and emails to produce accurate and consistent  measurements of product functionality, reliability and support reputation.
    I believe such information can be very valuable to Product Management and Marketing professionals as a  source of competitive intelligence for product planning  and launch, as well as predictive analytics in profitability risk management.
    I would like to ask for your advise for market positioning of this technology and partnership opportunities. Would you be available for a 30 minutes call?

    Please contact me greg@amplifiedanalytics.com


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