Making a List, Checking it Twice

A few weeks ago, I asked readers of this blog and contacts on Twitter for input on time management techniques. The overwhelming majority of responses indicate most people best manage their time on a daily basis by making lists. I too am a big fan of making lists. I feel a great deal of accomplishment at the end of the day when I look at my list and see check marks or crossed off items on that piece of paper.

I also find that making a list each day or week to indicate what I need to get done is a good way of decluttering my life. Much like clutter on my desk creates chaos in my mind, not having a clear direction to follow for projects decreases my productivity.

A tip someone shared with me years ago to help with decluttering my workspace was intended to help clear stacks of paper off my desk. Every time you move a piece of paper, make a small “X” in the corner. If you get to three “Xs” on the paper, force yourself to do something with it — whether that be trashing it or placing it in a file. If you don’t act, then you’ll simply continue moving it from stack to stack.

What other decluttering tips do you have? Would love to hear them.


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