Apologies but I’m Feeling Selfish

1101970609_400I have a pet peeve. I’m a member of Generation X. Born in 1973, I’m right smack dab in the middle of Gen X. Trapped between the Baby Boomers and Gen Y, we represent the transition from a generation that has more than likely worked only one or two jobs during their lifetime and the generation that has a reputation for needing immediate gratification. We are the sandwich generation now, taking care of our children and our aging parents. We are the group taking on leadership roles in more and more companies. We are overlooked, and unfairly so in my opinion.

I think it’s forgotten that Gen Xers are the ones who grew up with some of the most powerful technological advances and have played a large role in mainstream adoption of them. Most of my generation can remember when personal computers first became the norm in households. My generation fondly remembers Ataris and first generation Nintendos as precursors to the PSPs and Wiis. I remember moving away to college with a cell phone that was carried in a bag so I could use it on drives to and from home. Now, we all have small phones that fit in our pockets.

It’s for that reason that I wonder why so-called experts have chosen to push the need for Gen Y to be the leaders in social media.

In a world where new technologies are controlling how PR and marketing is handled, it’s important to realize that Gen Xers are the individuals who are choosing whether or not new tools such as social media are being adopted by companies of all sizes.  We are the ones who not only have to adopt and practice social media but also have to sell the value of social media to our management peers. It is our job to communicate to CEOs and presidents what our Gen Y employees believe strongly is the new frontier for PR and marketing.

It’s been approximately a year since I stepped into the social media world, and in that time I’ve learned a lot. While I’ve listened to numerous speakers, shared info from other social media practitioners, and grown more confident in my social media activities thanks to people around me, the greatest understanding has come from participating myself. I’m the one who understands my business so I’m really the one who must build the right business plan for implementing social media at a corporate level.

OK, I feel better now. Just had to get that off my chest.


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