Dream Big

Dreams. We all have them, right? I know I do. I can’t go into all of them here … or at least not right now … but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of dreams.

How often have you felt lost and discouraged because someone shot down your ideas and dreams? I dated a guy — we were actually engaged — who thought it was humorous to make fun of my aspirations. I became so discouraged that I considered changing the path on which I had been traveling since I was in fourth grade. I visited a career counselor and took all sorts of tests to determine what career path I should really be on. The only outcome for me was validation that my dreams were sound and my relationship with my former fiance was dead. The engagement was soon over but my efforts to become a strong PR professional continued.

My question is “why”? Why would someone choose to put another person down for the goals and aspirations he or she has set for themselves? It’s beyond my comprehension, and would love to hear your thoughts on why this occurs.

My point in writing this is to remind my friends and colleagues that we should take a moment to encourage others. Even if we can’t understand the dreams another has, take time to listen to someone’s plans and encourage him or her to reach for the stars.


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