Have a plan, Work the plan

My motto — have a plan, work the plan. Maybe it’s my anal tendencies but I find it’s extremely important to plan. I know I come by this trait honestly as my dad is the same way.

Our family vacations as a child were outlined to the minute weeks before leaving. Dad would document every stop on our itinerary and we stuck to it like glue. There were a few stops along the way where he would present options — either we can visit Museum X or hit Amusement Park Z. Those vacations provided me with adventures and opportunities I never truly appreciated until much later in life. Not only did I get the chance to travel around the United States but I also learned the value of a plan.

I chose public relations as my career because I enjoy the challenge and variety offered by different clients and business settings. Over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of planning in the PR industry. With a plan, the organization has a roadmap to follow, a direction in which to head. Even if adjustments have to made down the path, the plan provides a foundation.

During my career, I’ve watched businesses progress from two extremes — those without a plan, floundering as they struggle to grow and success, and those with a plan who find avenues that work well but are flexible enough to accommodate changing economic landscapes. As a communication professional, it’s my job to encourage the company to build that plan. If the company is unwilling or unable to do so, what should the PR professional do?

Image: Flickr.com (Ronnashore)


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